Toby's 6 weeks to 3 months .... see first 6 weeks here

Toby 8th April "Tummy Time"
Toby looking 9th April
Toby resting in the bouncer 23rd April 2014
Toby on 24th April: 2 months old
Toby with Annette while she does the ironing 28th April
Toby relaxing on our bed 10th May (11 weeks old)
Toby on his first Mother's Day 11th May 2014 here for Mother's Day in photos
Toby gets a present, a coat with bikes on it from "Aunty Emma"
I get my first baby-sitting duty at Audley as the others all go for a ride...1 1/2 hours, and Toby slept the whole time.
Us proud grandparents
here for Mother's day in photos
The first smile caught on in a photo 11th May
Here are the happy parents
Aunty Emma with Toby.
Another smile on 12th May
Toby joins the girls for some stretching on 12th May
Kate and Toby at Audley before heading off for a ride. 16th May (almost 12 weeks)
Toby and a Kookaburra at Audley while I was doing my second big babysit... and successful it was while Kate and Annette went for a ride along Lady Carrington Drive.
Joan and Peter with Toby on Saturday 17th (Toby is 12 weeks old)
Here is Toby smiling at Joan and Peter's
Jannine drove Maurice and Grace down to visit on Monday 19th May.
Maurice with Toby
And the Group shot: Toby with his Mum and Great Grandparents.
Toby 20th May... almost 3 months old.