Skiing at Perisher 1st Week August 2014

Tuesday: Annette skiing out wide (west) of "Come Back Again".
Tuesday: And skinning back along the Charlotte's Pass Road to Eyre T-Bar.
Wednesday 6th August at 7:45am skiing down the Corduroy to Guthega with Mt Townsend (Aust 2nd highest mountain: 2209m)in the background.
Here the going got a bit tougher as Annette climbed towards Guthega Trig, with Guthega Village in the background.
John checking a fox bait. This one had been taken and had to be replaced.
Near Guthega Trig John heads off toward Mt Tate
Annette resting in front of the rock outcrop where Guthega Trig used to be.
Skiing down the East Face from Guthega Trig towards the Snowy River.
Annette putting on her skins
Climbing and practicing kick turns by traversing backwards and forwards.
And then straight up the slope.
Skiing down the wide open faces
We crossed the Snowy River below the Guthega Dam and hiked up the steep East side. By this time it was after 1pm.
Leaving the resort about 1:30pm on Saturday 9th August for a little trip on our skins.
Skiing down a chute off the back of Mount Perisher
Annette on climb up. That is the back of Mount Perisher behind her.
Gary at the top of Paralyser Ridge
Setting off on difficult sun affected snow from the top of Paralyser ridge.
Gentle Run down the bottom of Paralyser with nice fresh snow. Charlottes Road in background
Back to the Charlottes Road at Guthrie Creek for half hour walk back to Eyre T-bar.