Toby's 3 months to 6 months .... see 6 weeks to 3 months ... ... see first 6 weeks

Toby: Riding a cock horse to Bambury Cross
28th May 2014
Toby with Annette.
Kate bought this "Bumbo" at the Sutherland Baby stuff sale on Saturday. 2nd June
Toby with Maurice 13th June
And with Great Gandma Grace again on 13th June
Toby gets his clothes changed at the Keoghs
17th June (nearly 4 months old and Toby is keen to look around.
Toby with Mum 19th June
And now he has ticked over 4 months here sitting in the "Bumbo"
He is especially keen to try and stand up when ever he can. 27th June
For a few seconds he can balance sitting up 28th June
Again he loves to stand up 28th June
Here he is trying out the Jolly Jumper for one of the first times 28th June
Again sitting unsupported for a few moments 5th July
Reading Peppa the Pig book, or at least looking like he is.
He is grabbing things more definitately. 10th July
With "Aunty Emma" having some fun... cross dressing?? 10th July
Toby sits on the lounge nest to Grand-dad Gary reading him a book 12th July
Grandma Grace with Toby at the birthday celebrations 20th July
Aunty Em with Toby and Ruby: 20th July
Ruby gives Toby a big licking kiss
Granddad Maurice with Toby
Aunty Anika playing with Toby.
Toby is now sitting up for quite a while unaided, as he demonstrates here 20th July
A family shot at home in Helensburgh 20th July
Toby enjoying riding on Dad's shoulders at Bundanoon 26th July
29th July: In the washing basket
31st July: Toby is sitting by himself and even reaching for things.
Toby is now playing with things and deliberately grabbing 13th August
Toby in the Sprinter on the way to the snow 16th August
Toby first trip to the snow: he arrives in the over-snow vehicle . 17th August
Toby turns six months old. 22nd August