Toby from 6 months to 1 year

Toby at Beachcombers standing up 23rd August
Toby trying first Solid Food: cooked Potato on 24th August at Beachcombers
He seems to like Potato
Toby on Floor at Beachcombers: much more inquisitive and picking things up
Mum takes Toby down to the Terminal at Perisher 25th August
Annette, Toby and Kate at Perisher
Toby and Dad: Andrew on the floor at the lodge (29th August)
Toby sucking on a chicken bone under close supervision (4th September)
Toby tries on his new Puffy Jacket ($10) from Aldi. Ready for Japan (5th September)
Toby enjoying breakfast: SEE FULL STORY
8th September: weight 8.2 kg; Height 66.5cm standing
Eating at dinner time 14th September. Just learning to eat solids.
I can climb up on my cot 22nd September i.e. 8 months Old
"I think I am pretty clever"
An evening walk along the beach at Stanwell Park 6th October
A long day walk to Burning Palms
At the beach at Burning Palms 11th October
In the Park at Helensburgh
The new Chariot 17th October
Standing: "Aren't I clever" 17th October… not even 9 months.
At the beach at Stanwell Park 18th October
At the beach at Stanwell Park 18th October
Thinking about crawling 18th October
Bath time 21st October
"I love Blueberries"
Eating blueberries 28th Oct
A family ride at Darkes Forest 28th Oct
Andrew and Toby using Toby's new Chariot at Darkes Forest 28th Oct
Toby's new Chariot in action at Darkes Forest 28th October
Crawling Practice 28th October. Not quite able to repeat it at will.
Attempting to Crawl. 28th October
Swinging during an evening picnic at Stanwell Park 6th Nov
Walking 12th Nov
Standing 12th Nov
Toby's favourite standing point 24th Nov 2014
Playing in the yard
At just over 10 months Toby is ready and keen on Throw-Ups. 26th Nov 2014
Toby samples some of the carrot the reindeer left uneaten on the front porch.
Getting some presents Christmas evening
At the Nelson/Keogh Christmas get-together
Making mum her birthday breakfast
Eating blueberries
After eating blueberries Toby helps Annette wash his top in the Furano Hotel basin.
Toby tries on some zip up boots and manages a few steps (19th Feb)
Toby's first time skiing with his Dad at Tomamu. Andrew skinned up to a restaurant and skiied back along the flat.
After a lot of distracting we managed to sneak boots on Toby and then strap on skis… He did slip on the snow but he was not enjoying it.
Toby did seem to like sledding
Here is the familyy with the Kitanomine Gondola in the background
Annette and I took Toby for a ride up the Gondola
After driving to Sapporo there were candles in the afternoon
And with help from Mum they were blown out
Then out to a Japanese dinner. What a big birthday!