Mothers Day in Photos

.... more of toby here
Toby gives his Mum a tea towel with his footprints on for her first Mother's Day.
Emma arrives with a present: Toby gets a blue jacket with bikes on it.
James and Andrew get ready to ride to Audley. James is training for his 2nd triathlon at Port Stevens next weekend.
Off James and Andrew go on their road bikes. I am suffering sciatica so don't join them.
Now at Audley after about 2 hours riding they change to mountain bikes for a ride along Lady Clarrington Drive
And the girls are ready too.
And my responsibility is Toby... my first time left alone babysitting!
I walk along Lady Carrington Drive. note the little boy racing past but Toby is contented in the pram.
And an hour and a half latter he is still perfectly relaxed.
Mum, Kate arrives back with James
And a short while latter Andrew appears after a longer ride.
He pushed himself a little harder and picked up a little mud.
Annette and Emma return not looking too stressed or dirty.
But Andrew has obviously pushed himself a bit too hard.
Toby shows off a smile! His first caught in a photo. See more of Toby here
Andrew is recovering... slowly
And the happy grandparents
We headed back to Kate and Andrew's for a late lunch and Emma is entertaining Toby on the Swiss ball. Later Greg, Seafood and Joan and Peter called in to check on Toby.