Annette enjoying her best coffee of the trip... delicious!
These are examples of natural and carved stones resembling sex organs that are venerated for such things as praying for a boy baby (very important) or good crops or protection of a village etc.
Near the folk museum
Annette buying roasted chestnuts outside one of the palaces.
A scene from the excellent theatre show MISO: this shot is taken from the brochure.
Our room at Yim's House Monday...Gary waiting for emails re going to Yongpyong... very frustrating to organise.
It snowed overnight and was still snowing when we visited the Namsangol Nanok Village
The food was certainly a big part of our visit. Here we are dining in a local city restaurant... great food.
Korean New Year was on 31st January so the displays of potential gifts for family and employees etc was impressive.
Fruit was a big gift item and this beautiful display cost over AU$130 and boxes of apples were $80 at Shinsegae department store
And you can see the prices on these apple boxes at a small corner store. Note 1000 won is about AU$1.07
Back at Shinsegae even Spam was a potential gift and these boxes being beautifully presented and 12 large cans of Spam was AU$72... a lovely gift!
Shinsegae Department Store had a basement food court and what a food court it was.
The South Gate built in 1398 when Seoul was established as the capital and had a surrounding wall with 4 gates.
Yongpyong: from the top of the Rainbow Gondola there were two choices: Left to Rainbow 1, 2, 3 or 4, all double black or right to Rainbow Paradise, a blue run. We went left.
Our visit coincided with at least 150cm of fresh snow so the steep icy pithes to be used for the 2018 Olympic Alpine events were covered in snow, with ice underneath.
The Asian Continental Cup races were on and we met the only Australian competitor: Greta Small. She hoed to be named in the Australian Olympic Team tomorrow (22nd January)
The steep icy double black was a bit much for us so we tried the silver chair and the black run from there again features a thick coating of snow over hard ice. You cn see the main resort area in the background.
There was only the very recent 150cm of fresh snow anywhere off the pistes. There was no varied terrain only man made runs. Here Annette is on the Gold run which was a blue intermediate rated run.
An interesting weather board at the top of the Gondola.
Annette outside Changdeokgung Palace about 3 minutes walk from our hotel on Wednesday morning
We took a tour of the "Secret Garden" at Changdeokgung Palace
On the 1 1/2 hour Secret Garden walking tour.
Changing of the Guard.