Replaced front derailleur

Chain Line finally fixed

Bike Friday Chainline 2 Finally sorted out chain-line

Chain line research

Above is a good diagram of chain-line from here which discusses the issues of chain line shifting problems and is very relevant to my problems.

Here is the specifications for the Sram 2011 models with the most relevant page below:
Page 1
Firstly it is interesting to note they specifically say NOT for tandems.
Next I assume We have the same chain as the disc brake model (45mm) NOT the standard model (42mm).

Here is a really interesting reference on gear and hub and cassette sizes

Here I found that the Spindle length for the triple ring crank is 118.5 while the double is only 109.5
under bottom bracket 5500 SI-1DG0C-000 downloadable document
Note my Cranks are FS5600 (front) and FS5603 (rear) which are the hollow tech ones.
This is especially interesting as we have a double crank on the front and a triple on the rear.

On the same page under the 5603 is the FC560s here: EV-FC-5603-2440B
Page 1

Researched & Ordered new derailleurs

P1110467 Ordered new front and rear derailleurs and chain.

Reduced spacers on Rear Sprocket

P1110433 changed spacers between index chain & drive chain FAILURE Read More...

Straightened the Derailleur

P1110375 Straightened the hanger (photo) and derailleur cage

Replaced derailleur jocket wheels

P1110377 Replaced the jockey wheels

Replacement Parts

Ordered replacement parts from Bike Friday

Packed bike for trip home: Tübingen

P1020471-packing-Tübingen packing the bike at Tübingen Station for trip home. Read More...

Packed in Barcelona, unpacked Stuttgart

I packed the bike Monday morning in Barcelona and re-assembled it at Stuttgart Airport. Read More...