Planned activities as at September 2013

Plans that are pretty locked in have a red border and black text.
Possibilities that are less certain have an orange border and grey text.
Ideas and thoughts that are still under consideration have a yellow border and lighter text.
Old and outdated plans are here so we can see how we did or went wrong
Rotorua, New Zealand
Saturday: 21st September to Saturday: 12th October
Mountain Biking
Booked to Fly Sydney to Rotorua:
Flight to Rotorua: Depart: Sydney 9:30 am Sat 21 Sep. 2013
Arrive: Rotorua 2:45 pm Sat 21 Sep. 2013

Emma & James booked for first 2 weeks which are the School Holidays.
We are staying on an extra week.
Saturday: 12th October
Wollongong Hign School 40th Reunion
Currently being organised for the year of '73
Penrith WW Centre
Saturday: 19th October
Sunday 20th October
NSW Slalom Canoe Championships
No details yet but probably each morning early.
Drive to Gold Coast & back
leave Mon 20th Oct
event from Sat 26th Oct to Sat 2nd Nov
then drive home Mon 4th to Thur 7th
Canungra Cup
Paragliding Comp
Gold Coast hinterland
Entered the event and driving up doing some MTBing on the way.
Bundanoon, NSW
Highland Fling
Sunday: 10th Nov, 2013
Mountain Biking
Race ~113 km
Again we hope to compete on our Tandem and get under 7 hours.
Friday 13th December
to Monday 16th Dec 2013
Christmas get-together for the Hurst clan
We have booked the Wollombi Barnstay
25th December 2013 to 23rd January 2014
At this stage we are looking at flying to Sapporo and skiing around Niseko in Northern Japan.
We would like to be there for 3 weeks.
Penrith WW Centre
Friday 24th January 2014
Saturday 26th January 2014
Slalom Canoe
No details yet but probably each morning early.
22nd February 2014
give or take???
Baby due
Kate & Andrew
This is an approximate date but definite IMPORTANT DATE!
Swansea, NSW
22nd February 2014 to 1st March 2014
Camping with Friends
Arrival date will depend on Kate and baby
Camping at Swansea for the week with the Eggers, Walshs and Neils.
Lake Liddell, NSW
Sunday: 2nd March 2014 to Sunday 16th March 2014
Paragliding SIV
It is scheduled to run 3 or 4 course over the 3 weeks from 22nd February.
I plan to assist for the last 2 weeks.
New South Wales
Wed: 2nd April 2014 to Sunday: 6th April 2014
Bike Friday gathering
This is the annual Bike Friday gathering which we haven't been to for a few years.
Easter 2014
Friday 18th April to
Monday 21st April 2014
Very early days but would like to do something with family at this time.
Penrith WW Centre
Wed 23rd April to
Sunday 27th April 2014
Jounior World Cahampionships for Slalom
Probably help with the organisation of this event.
1st May 2014
to Mid July 2014
At this stage we would like to be away about 10 weeks.
Fly to Germany and see Sara
Go to Scandinavia to do some sea-kayaking
Maybe buy a car to drive and carry our bike.
August 2014
At least 2 weeks at the lodge plus hopefully other skiing
New Zealand
September October 2014
Mountain biking
There are some great tracks in the South Island we would like to explore for both hiking and MTBing.