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and foam blanket here from ebay
Sikka foam
here from ebay
PIR here but not thin enough here and polystyrene here
here and here in 12.7 thick

GPS Radio Reversing Camera etc
here for about $700
here is one from Elinz with TV reception for $489 or $399 without TV tuner
here is one from Aliexpress which looks better for $468

Roof Racks
here for Tracklander and here for dreamrider

Wire Gauge
Here is a chart to determine wire gauge.

Wiring Dual Batteries
Here is a great Australian Article and supplier of a simple Dual Battery setup.
Here is a battery monitor from the same place: "Fridge and Solar"
Here is a battery monitor again from Fridge and Solar. cost is $339

Here is a monitor from ebay for under $40

Battery Protector
Here is a battery protector on ebay for $60. It stops the battery from being over discharged.
Here is a votronic sold from NZ. they also have tank level meters etc.

Battery charger
Here is a CTEX MXS25 on ebay for $279 which I think will suit me best
Here is more info from CTEX website
Here is the link for Xantrex or here

Solar Controller
Here is a link to a solar controller for US$372 which seems pretty good. Here is the data sheet for this Morningstar sun saver MPPT unit

Solar Panel fixing brackets here
Solar Panels: Hurricane Brand here
Solar Panels: Raiunbow Power Co here

Here is a link to a xantrex 600W pure sine wave inverter for $216
Here is the Projecta 1000W pure sign wave inverter for $469 on ebay. IUt also includes a remote display.

Here is a neat one from ebay for $30

Switch panel
Here are the Narva switch panels
Here is an 8 switch panel for about $70 on ebay from Sydney company... also sells LED lights
Here is an 8 gang panel with fuses and switches for about $60

Safety Switch
Here is a safety switch.. I probably need something like this

Interior Lights
strip lights with 180 degree rotation here from about $20
I also like this style of light (similar to greg's camper trailer) but $36 is pricey here

Camping strip light
This model is 1200mm long and is yellow or white, dimmable and costs $109 here

Driving Lights
Korr 90W driving lights pair $558 here or from, aliexpress for $365 here
ebay 80W lights here

Indicator & Parking Lights
here for $44 on ebay I think they will fit
these ones look even better at $49
To stop rapid blinking I probably need a load resistor see here

Swivel Seats
Here is info from Sprinter Forum about the folding handbrake that can be purchased. It includes an excellent You-tube clip of the folding handbrake in action but also suggests looking at the foot activated handbrake in the Mercedes Vito.

Here is a very long thread about swivel seats from USA. The Reimo seem the best as only raise the seat 30mm compared to sports craft 48mm. Both come from Germany. The Riemo I think may not suit the T1N (my model). Also not recommended for my seats due to handbrake issue but the folding handbrake will probably solve this.

Here is the Australian supplier of Reimo products
Here is seats are us with a swivel for $495 but would need modification as too short.
Also could try KAB seating in Victoria.

Here is possibly the seat swivel I need from Reimo

Cafe Table
Here is a wall support for the cafe table from caravans plus

Outside table
This table is folding all aluminium 60cm x 90 cm for about $56
collapsible slat table for the bed supports from Anaconda for $38 here
Kitchen Items
Here is the SMEV 8022 2 burner cooktop which appears pretty good. It is from Caravans Plus for $420 and the cutout is 446 x 358 and overall 480 x 370
Here are lots of images of the SMEV 8000
Here is a good UK site with a range of cooktops/hobs: Rainbow Conversions.

Here is the SMEV 8862, a two burner unit that is teardrop shaped but has a later footprint: 525 x 421

Here is a comparison between non gas from Webasto. Their x100 cooktop seems interesting here. On this page there are also links to a product PDF and RV vehicle guide

Here for plastic board to make cabinets i.e. Nema board available from here

Drawer Runners
For Fridge:
Here is the Heitech KA4620 450mm runner with 90kg capacity & 19mm clearance.
Here is the detailed dimensions etc of the runners

Here is some info about fasteners which may be useful also this company does windows

Tank level meters
Here is a voltronic unit made in Germany and sold out of New Zealand for about $100

Here is the SMEV 8000 sink from Caravans Plus for $266 it states it is 420 across x 440 and 145mm deep.

Here is info about SMARTSPACE cookware only problem is they are teflon coated this link to caravans plus.

A Thermal Cooker seems like a good idea.
This 3.5L model seems very good value at $69.95 plus $9 postage. It is 20cm high and 24cm in diameter.

Dish drainer
Here from ebay in US $6.95 but RV Warehouse for $19.90. 11 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches.

Here is the details of the Waeco CFX 65 which is W661 x H561 x D455 mm (W725 incl. handles)
Here is the best price on the Waeco 65L CFX

Here is the Waeco WCI 42 that I am interested in 635 x 337 high x 390 deep

Plastic "Stashaway" containers available here

Electrical Systems
Here is info from Kimberley Kampers about solar and lithium batteries and power usage

Here is some excellent info on solar and electrical from HandyBob

Air heater and Water Heaters
Here the Webasto air top for about $1500. The Dual Top Evo seems to be a great option to do both but costs $2500 in Australia. Note on Webasto's site they have a huge catalogue of available bits. Here is the Aussie distributor

Windows sliding ans awning:
here is a company in Australia that imports Dexter windows which look interesting.
They are also available in the USA which may be considerably cheaper.

Here is a site in the UK that sells 16" mercedes Sprinter rims

Roof Rack and Ladder
Aluminium Extrusion that would work well is here

Bike Rack
clamp ideas
for quick release cam clamp for frame here
Fiamma bike block pro looks like the perfect clamp here and here for You Tube

here are the new models.

I Like the Fiamma 45S or the 65S at 5 m long the 45S is just over $1000 here ebay
This is a place that fits them in Penrith

Mesh Room
There are 2 that interest me and they both suit a 2.5m long awning that is 2.1 metres out from the car.
Here is the Oztrail RV Shade Awning Mesh Room: It has a list price of about $130 and has a floor but is only 1.7m high. Weighs 3kg.
Here is the Rhino-Rack Mesh Room: This one hs no floor and is considerably more robust weighing 4.5kg. It is about 1.9m high.
The Black Widow Screen room looks the best due to the the removable floor and large opening to the vehicle side. Maybe the room rather than the screen room: Here

Here is a Kimberly Kamper off road info ebook that may be interesting

Other DIY van ideas
This is an interesting, especially the electrics and some references from an Aussie.

Here is the link for the blog from Ken & Diane's friend.

Here is an excellent site for comparing tyre sizes:

From Oberaigner site
Special dimension tyres.

3.5-tonne vehicles

  • Series dimension   225/75/R16                                   
    ESP fully functional
  • Special dimension  245/75/R16, "NAFTA"                   
    ESP degraded to ABS

From Sprinter-Source-Forum

225/70R15 is the stock size. Diameter of 27.4"

215/85R16 is what I'd like to fit. Diameter of 30.4"

There very well could be clearance and speedo issues. I'm not hell bent on making these fit if it's going to mean re-engineering the whole rig.

I remember reading two threads, a couple months back, where a fella did fit this size to his 118". He used steel Sprinter rims and 215/85R16 tires... and only had to trim the thick-wide mud flaps. The thread never stated what rim number and... I can't find the thread now!
yelllaughing I was hoping that fella would see this thread and chime in again.

Also on the
Sprinter Source forum:

We just put a set of 245/75/16 copper AT3's on our '06. They are about as big as I would want to go and still have some snow clearance.

Here is a forum post about 18 inch rims but some useful details

This Coopers AT3 looks possible