Loading our bike onto the Longboat for our trip to the Northern end of Inle Lake. Stilt houses on the sides of the canal into the lake. Canoes filled with what looked like weeds from the lakeside. The traditional fisherman. Another shot of a fisherman in his flat bottomed canoe A fisherman shows off his catch and gets some cash for a photo Notice the little girl doing the paddling while he fishes from the bow. A number of fishing canoes. The view from our hotel, ring on the main canal in Nyaungshwe. A view across the field on the ride down the east side of the lake. Eating lunch at the Nam Pan market. The onshore town we rode to about 30 km down the east side of Inle Lake. A fancy stilt restaurant to cater for the up market on lake 4 star hotel goests Another buddha, this one looks very golden. Typical stilt village houses. Another stilt village scene. Filling up with fuel at the stilt petrol station. Note our bike in the longboat. Longboats at the wharf The island pagoda Visiting a busy and popular pagoda on an island in the lake. A stilt village in the south of Inle Lake. A view from our longboat back at the island pagoda towards the southern end of Inle Lake. Another fishing canoe. This one has a skeg to keep it straight when paddling from the front. The inundated fields around the edge of Inle Lake. Enjoying a traditional Burmese meal with lots of small side dishes<br /> Leaving on a misty morning after 2 nights in Nyaungshwe. Our hotel is on the right of the canal.