BAGAN (actually NEW BAGAN)

  • Hotel Nan Eain Thu $35 a double. ph: 061 60673. All rooms on ground floor. After booking this hotel I found it had a bad comment on Lonely Planet's Thorntree about the price. When we arrived there was a large sign in the reception foyer indicating the price and we found the service and friendliness of staff was fine.
  • Welcome (061 60783 email: welcomebagan@myanmar.com.mm) was not as per their byline "Typical Food House". It seemed quite up market and included a floor show with traditional dancing and music. It was good value and if the floor show is a regular, a great choice. The location was at the end of the main street of New Bagan and turn left at the T intersection,(our hotel was on this corner on the right) then a hundred metres on the left.
  • SMT Family Restaurant (ph: 061 65171) was very good near Manuha Phaya, Myinkabar


(Pronounced Seepaw)

  • Lily The Home (Nam Khae Mao Guest House 2) (ph: 082 80318, email: namkhaemaoguesthouse@gmail.com) double: $20 (shared bathroom) $30 (ensuite) excellent, opened in mid 2012. Lily certainy makes you feel at home.

  • San Restaurant just South of Mr Food on main street for good barbecue food
  • Mr Shake: small shop on West side of street and North of Bank. for excellent value shakes and good chicken & rice
  • Mrs Popcorn: great shakes and fruit platters in garden setting. On small road(track) first left after railway crossing to North of town. On way to “Bamboo Buddha”
  • Black House Coffee Shop had reasonable coffee, a very friendly Engish speaking owner and a pleasant outlook over the river.


  • Parami Motel (ph: 081 50027) $25 double was fine.

  • Sam Family Restaurant (ph: 081 50237) This was down the same street as Parami Motel (Aung Chan the Street) and was the place we met Khun Tun Ti who arranged our "bike trek". Tun Ti spoke excellent english and was extremely helpful organising a trip we could do on our MTB with a motorbike rider as a guide and cook. The cost was 70,000 kyat plus boat across Inle Lake 15,000 so a total of 85,000 kyat (about $100) for 2 day trek for 2 people with 4 meals, sleeping in a village and boat across lake.


pronounced Chao-may
  • A Yone Oo Guest House (ph: 082 40183) is the only foreigner registered hotel in town. It has a range of room prices and qualities. We went midrange at $30. The service was perfunctory at best and the showers luke warm.
  • Restaurant directly across the road from hotel had an English menu. We also ate in the market area at a tea shop and by pointing and had tasty samosas.


  • Woodland Hotel (ph: 02 22141) $45 a double This quiet leafy bungalow style hotel is a few km West of the Palace. To get there follow 26th street east to the rail crossing then follow the rail line north (with a water channel on your right) until you cross another water channel and it is 100m further on the right over the water channel.

  • Simplicity Organic Food and Bakery House (ph: 02 63909) made excellent coffee and delicious salads. On 35th Street between 91st and 92nd St.


  • Honey Hotel (ph: 064 23588) $35 a double had free internet
  • We ate near the cinema at a street cafe for about 1000 kyat each.


  • Queen Inn (ph: 081 209544 email: queen.inle@gmail.com) $40 a double for one of the new rooms. others were cheaper but already booked. It was noisy, especially early in the morning as it is right on the canal and the motor boats make a lot of noise. Had a great friendly feel and very helpful staff, also had free internet
  • We ate at Queen Inn one night and it was quite good.
  • Lin Htett Myanmar was recommended in Lonely Planet and rightly so as it had good traditional style food.


  • Myit Phyar Zaw Gji Hotel (ph: 081 66403) $20 a double. Very friendly and helpful.

  • We ate at a restaurant along the lake shore a short way from our hotel and the market. The frozen yogurt was a highlight.


  • Zay Yar Thein Gi Hotel (ph: 061 50755) $45 a double. We had an air conditioned room which may have been more expensive.

  • Yangon Restaurant this was fine and right next door to our hotel.


  • Bravo Hotel (ph: 085 21223 email: soemoe@mandalsy.net.mm $30 a double and was excellent with friendly helpful proprietor and clean rooms. we stayed here on our return journey and were much happier.
  • Golden Dream Hotel (was worst place we stayed in Burma) was $24 a double though they had cheaper rooms. No Breakfast. No Hot water in our room, no window. Used very dirty shared bathroom to get hot shower.

  • Night Street Market was mostly a food market with good selection. We ate for around 1000 kyat each. It is down the clock tower street and in the street, first on the left.
  • Golden Triangle Cafe had good coffee and delicious pastries.


  • Moon Light Guest House (ph: 064 69056, email ni2htun@gmail.com) $15 a double (shared b'room), also $20 with ensuite. This was spartan, rudimentary and noisy but quite adequate with a friendly proprietor.
  • Red Star Restaurant is in fact the downstairs of the guest house.

YANGON (Rangoon)

  • Bike World Explore Myanmar (BWEM) (ph: 01 527636 email: aye.soesoe@gmail.com) We paid $40 per night but could be $45 for shorter stay. They are near the Israel Embassy 6 miles out of the city on Pyay Road and turn into Khapaung Rd.
  • Eating
  • Sky Bistro, 20th floor Sakura Tower has a great view and for a late afternoon snack looking over city as it gets dark it is pretty good. A light meal was 8000 kyat so it is not cheap by Myanmar standards but worth it for the view.
  • The Prome (ph 01 536342) was recommended by Soe Soe at BWEM but was a little pricey and menu had no prices on it. It cost us 22,000 kyat with drinks (about $26) for 2 of us. Note even when we found out the prices they did not include tax. Down Pyay Road from BWEM at 587 Pyay Road.


  • Shwe Gue Gu Hotel ph: 09 6302103 had no English signage and on North of Road. Stood out as peachy pink paint with blue roof. New operator and not well organised.

  • Sein Yaung So Restaurant was near hospital at the west end of town.