Burma Day 2 around Yangon

P1120347 IMG_1300 Rode into the City Again SOME PHOTOS
We rode into the city and spent a few hours at the National Museum. We then went and bought our bus ticket to Mandalay (9:30 pm Sunday night 25th for overnight bus). Then across to the tallest building in Yangon and a meal on the 20th floor (top) with a great view.

Things are changing VERY fast in Burma. The newspaper was full of discussion about the significance of President Obama’s visit the day before we arrived. Another article was the opening of the first ATM machines that accept overseas cards (Mastercard) had been installed on 15th November.
P1120346 We had seen one of these machines outside a supermarket just that morning:

The view from the restaurant was great and we stayed until after dark before riding to the Golden Pagoda.