Beachcomber Perisher MTB weekend

P4234166-2016-04-23at14-41-08 A family long weekend at Perisher.
We arrived down at Beachcombers on Wednesday night late after visiting my father in Nepean Hospital in the morning.

P4213650-2016-04-21at13-43-40 P4213656-2016-04-21at14-00-17 P4213685-2016-04-21at14-30-48
Thursday we rode up to Charlottes Pass towing Toby. Kate drove up and met us and toby played slip sliding down the hill.

P4223707-2016-04-22at09-56-01 P1130258-2016-04-22at20-02-14
Friday it was raining and Annette amused Toby in the morning before going into Jindabyne but only did a ride in the afternoon with Andrew.
It was Joan and Peter's 66th Wedding Anniversary.
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