Burma 3 A ride South in Delta

P1120357 We crossed the Yangon River by Ferry and headed onto the backroads
We rode into the City (Yangon) and caught the ferry access the Yangon River, with our bike. We had worked out a possible route to make a loop ride so headed off the main road for an enjoyable long ride into the countryside.
The first town of Dala was busy but once we turned off it wasn’t long before the rural landscape was all we could see.
After about 35 km the road gradually deteriorated to a rough dirt track. It was 32 degrees and quite hot so luckily we were able to buy water along the way.
The GPS was a great help although eventually it ran out of roads and although it had place names it didn’t tell us what roads went where.
The last couple of hours were a bit difficult as it was pitch dark and luckily we had flashing front and rear lights but my head torch was useless and so there was the constant risk of riding into a deep pothole and there were plenty of them. A good bit of the road was nearly deserted until we hit the the #5 highway and then it was bedlam for the last 10km to the city. Again the GPS was great for working out which streets to turn at and we got directly back to our guesthouse at about 8pm after 116km riding

Here is the GPS track on Strava