Train from Irkutsk to Chinese border

China_-_Russia_Railway-2014-08-11at10-10-01 Train from Irkutsk though Chita to Zabaykalsk MAP
We received another brief email from Sara.
She had hoped to have a rest day in Irkutsk after her trip out to Lake Baikal but the train was fully booked for Tuesday so she had to catch the Train about 9am Monday morning.
It is another 1473 km from Irkutsk to Zabaykalsk (total 9126 so far).
The train trip will take over 40 hours as there is a 6 hour stop over in Chita where the train leaves the Trans Siberian Railway and heads south towards China.

Zabaykalsk is the border town with China and Sara gets there about 9:30 am Wednesday 13th August local time.

The photo is of the sign at the border town of
Zabaykalsk saying "Russia"

Sara is expecting to be in Beijing on Friday