Jakarta a 4 day recovery

Sara & Durian-2014-09-13at12-42-20 I tried a multitude of new fruits in Jakarta: Durian (photo), Cassava..........

Jack Fruit, Hamlet, Longan, Star fruit, Snake fruit, Matoa (from Papua New), kedondong, Guava and others I don't remember the names of...
Snake Fruit-2014-09-11at22-31-02 Snake Fruit

beauty whitening products Indonesia-2014-09-11at16-59-52 All of these beauty products... a 7 step beauty process is for making your skin whiter... So nobody in Asia asks me why I'm so white... They are all super envious :):)

Famous Sara Jakarta-2014-09-08at17-58-33 On the road to Jakarta. Apparently there is some famous person in Indonesia who looks just like me! People are constantly coming up to me and wanting photos with me... No conversation is exchanged they just want a photo to show their friends of when they met at the famous white woman!

Aisle of Noodles Jakarta-2014-09-11at21-20-29 In a small supermarket in Jakarta there is a whole aisle redicated to instant noodles!

Pekanbaru host in Jakarta-2014-09-07at16-00-16 My host in Jakarta was Pekanbaru 'Eric' and this is a picture of him doing his raily prayers.