Epic Hitch Across Australia

Sara_Australia_hitch-2014-09-22at10-14-18 5-2014-09-07at19-04-42 (1) Epic Hitch Across Australia
After discovering that to get a sailing boat from Indonesia the captain has to submit a crew list which takes 1week to amend I had to relent and take a flight. I went straight to the airport enquired everywhere about flying standby but to no avail, so I booked the next flight to Darwin.

The Wednesday 1am from Denpasar (bali) flight arrived in Darwin at 5am. I asked a few people from the flight if I could get a lift to the Stuart Highway but had no luck. I did get a free lecture on the dangers of hitch hiking from one nice older man :). After a wandering round the airport I asked some local workers the best place to hitch from and they offered a lift to a petrol station on the Stuart Highway= awesome!

Hitch 1: Darwin airport to first petrol station: Brit living in Darwin.

Hitch 2: Darwin to Adelaide River: Aussie couple that had such thick accents that I kept having to say "pardon".

Hitch 3: Adelaide river to Pine Creek. Older English woman and Irish man.

Hitch 4: Pine Creek to Katherine. Rob a property valuer from Adelaide who was living in Darwin with his wife and heading to Katherine to value some properties.

Hitch 5: Katherine to Mataranka. Andy an ex army officer from Perth who was currently working in Darwin but running RAFF first-aid training near Katherine. He drove me to Mataranka just for fun and to have a swim together at Bitter Spings.

Hitch 6: Mataranka to Mt Isa and Beyond. Jeremy from France has been working in Darwin for the last 3 months and now he is heading to Cains. Can't believe my luck! He has tent and double mattress. We camped the first night at the Mataranka Springs camp area with another French couple we met. We enjoyed an Australian Singer/Songwriter concert at the camp area and a late night  swim in the Springs. Night two we spent at rest area 223km from Threeways. Now we are on our way to Mt Isa...

Hitch 7: Cloncurry to Warwick. EMMA &   JAMES!!! Who were driving to Warwick to get MARRIED! They picked me up at 6pm in Cloncurry and drove all the way through the night to arrive at 10am in Warwick. maybe I can make it to Katoomba tonight (Saturday)... Is that fate or what???

Hitch 8: Warwick to Stanthorpe. Beverly & Lloyd retired couple originally from New Castle living in Stanthorpe.

Hitch 9: Stanthorpe to Tenterfield. Chris and Tony heading to Coffs Harbour to visit Tony's brother.

Hitch 10: Tenterfield to Tamworth. Kerry and Pete from heading to Tamworth to visit friends. We talked about Steiner schools, metal health, revolution, politics.

Hitch 11: Tamworth to Muswellbrook. Jay who lives in Muswellbrook and was in Tamworth getting a Tattoo.

Hitch 12: Muswellbrook to Wallgrove rd near Mt Druit. Shane from Mittagong driving a horse truck. He was so patient letting me use his phone and map to get my 13th and final hitch...

Hitch 13: Wallgrove rd (Eastern Creek) to Katoomba. My uncle Brett picked me up for the last leg of the journey... Thanks Brett!!!