Leaving BWEM (Bike World Explores Myanmar) which is about 6 miles from the city centre. At the flash “Western” style supermarket we noticed an ATM and later found that the first Mastercrd ATMs opened on 15th November.  Also we were told they charge 10% commission.  The supermarket had everything from Muesli to Freshly made fruit salad (we bought both on our way home that night) The sign outside this shop said “The best fruit Yogurt Drinks” so we had to stop.  They were pretty good! A street scene as we rode by Another street scene.  The contrast from rich to poor, from have to have not is very great! We enjoyed a very late lunch at “Thiripyitsaya Sky Bistro” which is at the top (20th floor) of the Sakura Tower: Yangons tallest sky scraper.  23,000 kyat for lunch about $27 The Golden Stupa, a symbol of Yangon looked impressive by day but even mores after dark. We waited at the Sakura Tower until after dark and view of the Shwedagon Paya. The most important Buddhist Stupa in Burma. We left the Sakura Tower and rode to the Shwedagon Paya and although we didn’t pay the Government entrance fee we took a walk up close.  It was impressively large.  Here Annette is next to one of the entrance guards.