Banana Bread

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½ cooked brown rice
1 Tblspn gluten free flour
2 Tblspn shredded coconut
1 Tblspn flaked almonds
1 teaspn cinnamon or vanilla
1/2 mashed banana
2 lightly beaten eggs
good pinch himalayan salt
Coconut or Macadamia oil for frying
Berry jam and thick yoghurt for serving
Don't be too precious about quantities heaped spoons is good

1. Combine rice, flour, coconut, almonds,salt, cinnamon and eggs.
2. Mix thru mashed banana. Mixture should be thick and well combined. Let mixture rest for a few minutes.
3. Heat oil in frypan and drop large tablespoons of mixture into hot oil.
4. Cook for a couple of minutes and turn when browned.
5. You should make 8 pancakes serve with berry jam and yogurt and nuts gobble up immediately.

A ready to eat pancake with nuts and seeds sprinkle on top
Use any nuts that you like.
Substitute grated or cooked apple or dates for banana
Use cacao nibs and goji berries as a topping. (will be less sweet)
Use cream or cashew cream instead of thick yoghurt.
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As cooked by Kate for Annette's 60th birthday 30th July 2014
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Just cut, Annette's version at Sussex 2nd August 2014
Rice pancakes are a family favourite, Jam came from
the holistic ingredient and my recipe details are here