Starting problem fixed

the starter relay. It is the white relay below the fuses, under the drivers seat. I labelled it "SR". The relay to the left I labelled "ER" as it seemed to be an "extra" relay that was no longer needed.

This is the wiring as it was when it would not start. All the joiners I have labelled with where they go so SR 86 goes to terminal 86 on the Starter Relay for example. It seemed pretty obvious when I had traced everything that the "Extra Relay" was not doing anything as it was connected to wires that went nowhere. Initially I though the problem was in the ECU which is the Engine control Unit or the main computer control board as the circuit diagram I had indicated that the Starter Relay was controlled from their and there was power to one side of the relay but even when the key was turned there was no power to the other side. However the ER was in-between the SR and the ECU.


When I removed the ER from the circuit then it started. Below is the wiring when it was fixed. You can see that SR86 now goes directly to ECU30 and that ER87 and ER30 and 86 are no conger connected.

I had got to the stage of calling an auto electrician who was coming the next day so I was delighted and we were able to drive to the Caravan and Camping show and pick up the Sign-line and WEtline samples I hoped to make all the cabinets out of.