Fluoride in our Water

Update May 2015: Here is a new study US report recommending reduced fluoride levels

I did some Research and here is a selection from what I found and:
I followed up and signed the this Stop Water Fluoridation Petition | GoPetition" rel="external">petition:
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Also of interest was this ABC report about councils in Queensland deciding not to fluoridate their water

Although the Australian Dental Association policy says: "Water fluoridation is the most effective, equitable and efficient measure for achieving reduction in dental caries incidence across a community." In the same document they also say: " The effect of water fluoridation is predominantly topical." This is where my concern starts, after the topical application we then drink the water with the fluoride in it!

In an article in the Sydney Morning Herald on 13 June 2013 there was a suggestion by a Greens member that an enquiry should be undertaken into the health affects of fluoridation. Interestingly the article concluded with this statement: Federal Greens leader Christine Milne weighed in, tweeting "Science is settled on fluoride, vaccination,accelerating global warming Greens support science and evidence based public health policy."

Here is a great movie length expose against fluoridation.

And for something a bit more succinct
here is a 19 minute summary of 10 reasons not to fluoridate from Fluoride Action Network (FAN)

The following information is copied directly from from Rawpower in Australia

While fluoride is banned in Sweden, Denmark and Holland and abandoned in Belgium and West Germany it is still used in the US, Australia, New Zealand and the UK.  While fluoride is meant to help prevent tooth decay it is interesting to note that the US has among the highest rates of dental decay in the world.
The consumption of refined sugar seems to play a much greater role in whether we get dental decay or not.  Many native tribes studied by the likes of Dr Weston Price had little or no dental decay and none had fluoride.
The idea of adding fluoride to water supplies arose in the USA in 1939. Its main proponent was Dr Gerald Fox of the Mellon Institute, owners of Alcoa Aluminium. Fluoride is a waste product of the aluminium industry.  The Mellon Institutes research found that fluoride in drinking water strengthened tooth enamel making it more resistant to decay. Like much industry funded research, the results are predictable when you follow the money.
According to Steve Meyerowitz book “Water the Ultimate cure” independent studies have shown that fluoride is implicated in: • Skin eruptions • Gastric distress • Immune System problems • Downs Syndrome (genetic damage) • Breakdown of collagen protein • Heart problems • Headache
In their book Fluoride the great dilemma Drs Waldbott, Burgstahler and McJinney add to the list • Cancer • Hypothyroidism • Kidney disease • Hypoglycaemia • Hormonal imbalance • Lowered enzyme activity • Reduced fertility • Birth defects • Osteoporosis (skeletal flourosis) • And would you believe it damaging children’s teeth (dental fluorosis)
Other uses for fluoride include • Rat poison • Pesticides • Deworming pigs • Delousing chickens
I think you may be getting the picture by now. Why take the risk of ingesting fluoride if you can improve your dental health by good dental hygiene and not consuming refined sugar?